We always have a big stockpile

Bauma 2019 


Our Loading Dock's are all quality products. They are transported from the factory to America and our business location in the Netherlands, from our location we sell them throughout Europe. It can be supplied in a wide (2.5 m) and a narrow (2.25 m) version, with a choice of painted or galvanized.

They are also all provided with a special iron netting that ensures sufficient grip and the netting will not bend due to its special shape and always remain in the same shape.

Our loading platforms are CE tested and can support a maximum of 12 tons.

the different models


This blue loading platform is the one that we sell throughout Europe. From our business location in the Netherlands.


The color that we use for our loading platforms in America. These loading platforms are sold from the state of Florida

years of experience

We have been selling our loading platforms to different countries for 12 years now. We have developed and improved our loading platforms over the years. This has given us a top product that functions optimally and with a long service life.